Farmers market

Farmers market

Sustainable living

Sustainable living is a lifestyle that leaves little impact on the environment.

Sustainable living is about how we live to reduce our impact on the environment, improve wellbeing and build community resilience. It is about being creative and doing more with less that has a ‘win-win’ benefit for ourselves, our environment, broader community and our hip pocket.

By embracing sustainable living practices we can reduce the use of natural resources and dramatically reduce consumer waste.

It applies to individuals, households, communities, business, industry and how council undertakes its own activities. Every day we can achieve improved outcomes by making better choices about:

  • How we travel and move around
  • Our energy consumption
  • Renewable energy alternatives and resource efficiency (including water and waste)
  • Food and other consumables (the things we buy)
  • Our connection to the natural environment, and
  • The capacity to live within our means.

To increase community understanding and adoption of sustainable living practices council works with the community and business to strengthen their knowledge, skills and social connections to live sustainably.

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