Maroochy River Free Energy

Maroochy River Free Energy

Energy and resources

We all use energy and natural resources, yet can do more to reduce our impact on the environment.

We all consume energy in the form of electricity and fuels. We use it for lighting, heating, cooling, and to power our vehicles and businesses. We also produce waste and use natural resources such as water and agricultural lands to produce the food we rely on to sustain us.

Energy, food, air and water are essential to our individual lives, society and economy. In addition to our use of resources, we produce significant volumes waste. The waste we generate can be reduced and recovered to become a usable resource while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

To support a resilient and thriving community now and in the future it is critical that we manage our energy and resources efficiently and sustainably.

Energy and resource efficiency reduces greenhouse gas emissions and supports a healthier planet. It also provides:

  • Cost savings from reduced energy and resource use
  • Opportunities to identify creative solutions to our resource use and waste issues
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Increased resource recovery, waste reduction and adoption of circular economy outcomes
  • Fewer environmental impacts.

On the Sunshine Coast, we're moving toward a low carbon, energy and resource efficient way of life. This is important to maintain and enhance our liveability and the lifestyle we treasure on the Sunshine Coast.

Council is setting the pace, with a target to become a zero-net emissions organisation by 2041 which will work hand-in-hand with our community to be low-carbon by 2041.

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