The Environment and Liveability Strategy Refresh Project 2023

New inclusions for the Sunshine Coast’s blueprint setting the future for our environment and liveability.

In its 6th year of implementation, the Environment and Liveability Strategy Part A: Strategic Directions and Part B: Implementation Plan was refreshed and adopted by Council in October 2023.

Through the process we sought input via two phases of engagement:

  • Phase one (May 2023): To understand the emerging issues for the region and the priority actions
  • Phase two (July/August 2023): To seek feedback on the proposed changes.

Through engagement and consultation, what the community told us in 2017 was reaffirmed including:

  • Retaining the distinct character
  • Protecting natural assets
  • Finding the balance
  • Being sustainable and ongoing community involvement.

Furthermore, the community acknowledged that as we continue to plan for our increasing population, it is important that we ensure the quality of our way of life remains a priority. This will require an ongoing focus on responding to climate change, access to affordable living options, communities that are well serviced by appropriate infrastructure, such as public and active transport networks, and greening our neighbourhoods.

The refreshed strategy incorporates new information and strengthens the strategic foundation already established in the 2017 version, to ensure our strategic directions retain their relevance and continue to offer a contemporary approach.

The changes made reflect the information we consulted the community on during the 2nd phase of engagement including:

• Recognition of our Sunshine UNESCO Biosphere status

• Incorporation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

• Recognition of the state of climate emergency and strengthen associated climate change wording where   required

• Recognition of dark skies and associated planning

• Strengthening our waste strategic directions.

The refreshed strategy (Part A and B) is here.

Part C: Network Plan is intended to be reviewed in late 2024 to align with timelines of other key planning projects underway.

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