Mudjimba Sunrise

Mudjimba sunrise Photo credit: M. Cody

Mudjimba Sunrise

Our progress

We regularly track and monitor our effectiveness.

We have a range of targets, indicators and performance measures. We use these to monitor the progress of the Environment and Liveability Strategy.

To make sure we’re on track, we use annual performance measures and long-term targets. We also monitor and report on our tasks and specific projects.

Our annual report tells you about our progress and what we’ve achieved each year. Read our 2022/23 Annual Report (PDF, 4,745KB).

Annual performance measures

Our 5 performance measures are critical indicators of our progress. We use performance measures to inform our corporate reporting. They also help guide our 5 year implementation plan (PDF, 998.4KB) for the strategy.

We report on our 5 performance measures annually.

Strategic Pathway 1: A resilient region shaped by clever planning and good design

Annual Performance MeasureBaseline2022/232022/23 Outcome
No loss of the regional inter-urban break in its current extent32,034 hectares32,034 hectaresNo change to the current extent

Strategic Pathway 2: Protection and enhancement of our natural assets and distinctive landscapes

Annual Performance MeasureBaseline2022/232022/23 Outcome
Hectares of land per 1000 residents acquired through the Environment Levy for conservation and preservation purposes maintained9.6 hectares per 1000 residents11.09 hectares per 1000 residents*No land was acquired in 2022/23

Strategic Pathway 3: Responsive accessible and well managed assets and infrastructure

Annual Performance MeasureBaseline2022/232022/23 Outcome
Hectares of land per 1000 residents for sport and recreation purposes maintained+4.74 hectares per 1000 residents4.62 hectares per 1000 residents*11.95 hectares open space secured

Strategic Pathway 4: Transitioning to a sustainable and affordable way of living

Annual Performance MeasureBaseline2022/232022/23 Outcome
Renewable energy capacity increased124.8 megawatts452.1 megawattsIncrease of 64 megawatts^

Strategic Pathway 5: A reputation for innovation and sustainability

Annual Performance MeasureBaseline2022/232022/23 Outcome
Council’s greenhouse gas emissions reduced0.58 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per resident0.48 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per resident*Decrease of 0.14 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per resident^

*Based on an estimated resident population of 365,073. Source: Queensland Government Statistician’s Office, Queensland Treasury, Population Projections, June 2023,

^Compared to 2021/22 results.

The annual performance measure for sport and recreation purposes includes strategic lands for which open space categories will be confirmed through future master planning and may result in changes to the performance measure outcome.


Delivering the Environment and Liveability Strategy is a momentous job. We have 18 transformational actions, with 85 specific tasks. We update the progress of our tasks annually.

You can find out about our tasks in our implementation plan (PDF, 998.4KB). The plan shows tasks that are complete, underway or yet to start.

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