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1. Protecting the Regional and Sub-regional Inter-urban Breaks

Secure environmental, production and recreation values in perpetuity.

Securing and protecting the Regional Inter-urban Break and Sub-regional Inter-urban Breaks in perpetuity to frame our neighbourhoods, secure the environmental, production and recreation values and strengthen the identity of our community of communities.

To do this the Strategy identifies the need to:

  • Continue to promote the values of the Regional Inter-urban Break and advocate for its retention
  • Advocate for the containment of urban development to the defined urban footprint
  • Advocate and plan for the protection of the green frame provided by the Sub-Regional Inter-urban Breaks
  • Implement the Inter-urban Break Outdoor Recreation Plan in partnership with stakeholders. 

Council strongly supports the enhanced recognition and protection afforded to the Northern Inter-urban Break (NIUB) in ShapingSEQ 2023.  Council has consistently advocated for better recognition of this regionally significant green space and is pleased to see that elements of Council’s submission to the draft South East Queensland Regional Plan Update have been reflected in ShapingSEQ 2023. ShapingSEQ 2023 identifies seven core values of the NIUB: urban break, water, biodiversity, amenity, culture, prosperity and community. The values are intended to play an important role in ensuring that future development is compatible with the intent and objectives of the NIUB.

We are aware of, and are responding to the Commonwealth’s Environment and Protection Biodiversity Conservation legislative planning process in relation to Stockland’s Aura South Self-contained Master-planned Community. 

Two submissions have been made for the Commonwealth’s consideration in relation to:

  1. Whether the proposed residential development should be considered a controlled action – read here
  2. The draft guidelines for the preparation of a Public Environment Report – read here .

We will continue to monitor the process and respond as required to continue our advocacy efforts for the protection of this important green space.   

Regional Inter-urban Break

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