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2. A better built environment through sustainable design

Embed sustainable, liveable and affordable design into our built environment.

Embedding sustainable, liveable and affordable design into our built environment that celebrates the subtropical lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast and supports our growing community.

To do this the Strategy identifies the need to:

  • Develop and implement relevant guidelines including climate resilient and subtropical sustainable design, tools and standards to complement the Sunshine Coast Design Strategy
  • Plan and deliver excellence in sustainable design outcomes for council owned and managed assets 
  • Develop metrics to support building assessments at the design stage and identifying the reuse potential of materials to reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact 
  • Continue to investigate and plan for the infrastructure requirements
  • Facilitate the accelerated uptake of renewable energy assets to reduce emissions, support affordability and community resilience   
  • Investigate the establishment of a pilot eco neighbourhood that incorporates sustainable design that advances liveability, neighbourhood sustainability and affordable living options
  • Explore potential partnerships to recognise and promote excellence in sustainable urban and building design.  

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