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Sunshine Coast’s first library locker

A local book borrowing service.

A target of council’s Environment and Liveability Strategy is to ensure our communities can remain connected, both physically and virtually. One way to achieve this is to test innovative ways we can all better access council’s facilities and services.

In line with this commitment, council has recently introduced the first ‘express library’ into the Sunshine Coast library network, embracing technological innovation. The Baringa Book Locker, located inside the Baringa Community Centre, allows users to collect and return a range of books without the need to travel to a traditional library.

Whether you are local to the area or just passing through, the Baringa Book Locker is free and open to anyone with full Sunshine Coast Library membership. There is a range of titles are available for people to choose from, with stock regularly rotated.

The service is available during Baringa Community Centre opening hours.

The introduction of the Baringa Book Locker advances the goals of council’s Environment and Liveability Strategy – in particular the aspiration to create communities that are inclusive, connected, empowered and able to adapt and respond to change.

Community member borrowing book from book locker.

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