Beach Access Check

Beach Access Check

4. Creating our climate ready region

Build the resilience of our region.

Proactively responding to reduce our climate risk to increase the adaptive capacity and build the resilience of the region.

To do this the Strategy identifies the need to:

  • Develop an organisational climate risk mitigation framework and embed into our systems and processes to support an integrated response to localised climate hazards and associated risks 
  • Investigate and plan for the impacts of cascading climate risks on our critical public infrastructure and Council service delivery
  • Implement the Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy in partnership with the community
  • Develop and implement an integrated coastal hazard adaptation infrastructure planning program, including a Blue Heart transition plan
  • Develop an urban cooling plan that incorporates urban greening initiatives and targets to respond to risks associated with increased heat
  • Implement the Disaster Resilience Plan 
  • Implement the Stormwater Management Strategy 
  • Increase community access to information on risks, resilience and priorities for adaptation investment
  • Build organisational and community capacity to plan and respond to the impacts of climate change, natural hazards and minimise the associated risks.

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