Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

Mary Cairncross Scenic Reserve

Sustainable design

Sustainable design supports healthy, cost effective and functional buildings.

The spaces we inhabit have a significant impact on our enjoyment, wellbeing and experience of a place. Keeping a home also forms a significant part of our budget over our lifetime, including how many resources they use, therefore how they’re designed becomes of utmost importance.

Designing a sustainable built environment ensures we minimise our impact. Sustainable design helps create buildings, streets and neighbourhoods that are comfortable, affordable and resilient now and into the future.

Our subtropical climate makes the Sunshine Coast a great place to live, work and play. We can design to take advantage of our climate to protect our lifestyle and environment, even as the region grows. This will also help us use our resources wisely.

Sustainable design includes buildings, streets and neighbourhoods that:

  • Take advantage of our subtropical climate
  • Are resource and cost-efficient
  • Are ready for future technology, changing needs and for climate change
  • Have vibrant nature with shade trees and other vegetation throughout
  • Promote wellbeing, community and connectivity.

We can work towards creating a sustainable built environment whenever we design buildings, infrastructure and the public realm.

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