New landmarks and developments, Maroochy River

Bradman Avenue foreshore Photo credit: F. Svensson

New landmarks and developments, Maroochy River

Open space

These statements are our policy positions. They give a clear direction of council's intent.

5.1 An integrated and connected open space network is provided that is responsive to a changing environment and respects community needs:

    a) Future generations experience similar or improved provision and standards where possible. 

    b) Open space is protected for its appropriate function including openness.

    c) Open space is flexible and adaptable to allow for diverse recreational, sporting and cultural experiences.

    d) The network reflects and enhances the local landscape and character.

    e) The network plays a role in mitigating the impacts of climate change.

    f) The community’s recreation use and commercial activities are complementary and integrated.

    g) Effective and efficient design and location ensures an affordable, resilient and high quality open space network.

5.2 The open space network ensures equitable access to a range of experiences to encourage active and healthy lifestyles and supports community wellbeing:

    a) Functional, safe and well-connected spaces and places are provided.

    b) Innovation, sustainability, activation and creativity are driving factors.

    c) Access to recreation parks in urban areas supports self-contained and active communities and encourages social inclusion.

    d) People are connected to nature and outdoor experiences.

    e) Sport and active recreation spaces are provided to encourage participation and involvement.

5.3 Open space provides the green frame around and within our built form to connect us to the environment and create a strong sense of identity within a community of communities:

    a) Open spaces are protected from urban expansion, over embellishment and utility encroachment.

    b) Open space connects and frames urban and rural communities, strengthening character and identity.

    c) Urban forests and gardens in our parks and streets support and enhance social, economic and environmental values and contribute to mitigating the urban heat effect.

    d) Ecological and open space values continue to build upon our natural advantage.

    e) Environmental values are balanced with recreation opportunities in keeping with the natural setting.

    f) Cultural, heritage and historical values within our public open spaces are enhanced and preserved.

For technical detail and planning directions for this theme, please read the Environment and Liveability Strategy Part C - Network Plan (PDF, 14916KB).