Flooding and stormwater

These statements are our policy positions they give a clear direction of council's intent.

6.1 Flood risk is managed for the wellbeing and resilience of our communities:

    a) Development will be provided with acceptable flood risk and will not burden emergency services.

    b) Flood immunity or resilience (from rainfall induced flooding) of existing communities is improved through the exploration of effective flood mitigation or resilience measures where practical.

    c) Disaster management activities cater for our communities before, during and after events.

    d) Flood risk information is made available in a form that is easily understood.

    e) Insurance affordability is promoted through the provision of information to community and industry.

6.2 Flooding and stormwater assets are effective and responsive to a changing environment:

    a) Infrastructure is designed to be effective until the end of its design life.

    b) Infrastructure that is a burden or liability for council is avoided.

    c) Accurate and current models, mapping and other corporate datasets inform the understanding of flood risk and stormwater network effectiveness.

    d) Performance and condition of assets is monitored to ensure effectiveness.

    e) Land for stormwater management is appropriately allocated, located and designated for its purpose.

6.3 Flooding and stormwater management protects the natural and built environment:

    a) Flood plains are protected for their intrinsic environmental, social and economic values.

    b) Development in the flood storage preservation area is avoided unless an overriding need in the public interest is demonstrated with acceptable associated impacts and minimal alteration to the floodplain.

    c) Development ensures that areas of community isolation are not created.

    d) Stormwater quality treatment is provided to protect receiving waters and the health of our community.

    e) Stormwater treatment is complementary and integrated within the public realm, using natural processes to the greatest extent possible.

    f) Flood and stormwater conveyance pathways are protected or enhanced.

    g) Natural waterways are not diverted.