Neighbourhoods and housing

These statements are our policy positions. They give a clear direction of council's intent.

7.1 Good design and urban form supports compact and self-contained neighbourhoods to improve the use of existing infrastructure and minimise the use of resources:

    a) Urban growth is consolidated around activity and employment centres and along major transport corridor nodes and is supported by timely and effective transport and infrastructure services.

    b) Neighbourhoods and centres are designed and built at human scale and support community safety and resilience.

    c) Vibrant and accessible spaces, places and streets support living in compact and inclusive neighbourhoods.

    d) An integrated and safe network of pedestrian, cycle and public transport networks supports self-contained neighbourhoods.

    e) Sustainable design is a fundamental element to neighbourhoods, housing and supporting infrastructure.

7.2 Choice within a variety of neighbourhoods provides opportunity to meet the changing needs of the community:

    a) Neighbourhoods contain a mix of dwelling size, scale and types to suit a range of household types, sizes, ages and lifestyles, including tourism needs.

    b) An increased supply of appropriate dwellings is encouraged to meet the needs of smaller households.

    c) Flexible, innovative and contemporary housing options and designs are embraced to meet changing needs.

    d) Adaptable and universal housing with access to community spaces and services facilitate inclusive communities.

    e) Neighbourhoods provide opportunities for social, cultural and economic participation.

    f) Neighbourhoods reflect the local character and identity.

7.3 Access to affordable living options for all household types and income levels contribute to our liveability:

    a) Neighbourhoods are well designed to be sustainable and safe, encouraging walkability and social interaction.

    b) Housing meets the needs of low and moderate income households in terms of design, ongoing costs and access to services.

    c) An adequate supply of social and community housing is maintained and expanded to meet needs.

    d) Affordable housing in close proximity to services and facilities is protected and enhanced.

    e) Innovative housing options are supported to deliver affordable and sustainable living.