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Sustainable design

These statements are our policy positions. They give a clear direction of council's intent.

9.1 The built environment is designed to be low carbon, resilient, well-connected, have minimal environmental impact and enhance liveability and local character:

    a) Buildings, structures and landscapes are responsive to subtropical climate and local character.

    b) Design, construction and management are resource and cost-effective, site responsive and maximise self-sufficiency.

    c) Carbon emissions are reduced through design, construction and operation.

    d) Innovative design, technology and alternative materials are incorporated to improve the built environment.

    e) Designs are adaptive and responsive to changing lifestyles and community needs, natural hazards and climate change.

    f) Design contributes to the health and wellbeing of individuals, households and communities.

    g) A sustainable built environment is delivered through partnerships and collaboration with community and industry.

9.2 Living infrastructure is integrated with the built form to create liveable neighbourhoods, support urban biodiversity and create great urban places:

    a) Connectivity and functionality of the natural and built environments is enhanced through living infrastructure and green corridors.

   b) Buildings and houses are designed to relate and interact with streets to create attractive places that encourage social interaction and pedestrian use.

    c) Street corridors are adequate in width and designed to host pathways, infrastructure and shady trees which create safe and climate resilient walkable streets.

    d) Public and private open space and living infrastructure contributes to the character and amenity of neighbourhoods and community wellbeing.