Glistening wave at Mooloolaba Beach

Mooloolaba Beach Photo credit: J. Whiting

Glistening wave at Mooloolaba Beach


These statements are our policy positions. They give a clear direction of council's intent.

4.1 The natural values and functions of coastal environments are preserved:

    a) Natural coastal processes are preserved.

    b) Coastal landforms, habitats and vegetation communities are protected and enhanced.

    c) Native coastal fauna populations are maintained and enhanced.

    d) Water quality is maintained and enhanced to support ecosystems and associated coastal values.

4.2 A healthy coast is preserved to sustain our valued coastal lifestyle and economy:

    a) Coastal recreational, social and economic activities have minimal impact on coastal values and natural processes.

    b) Coastal access is provided through formal access points.

    c) Coastal cultural heritage values are preserved and appreciated.

    d) Coastal vegetation is not damaged or removed except where required for approved coastal dependent development and the construction and maintenance of community recreational and access infrastructure.

4.3 Coastal hazard risks are known and avoided or otherwise adequately addressed, forming part of long-term adaptation planning:

    a) New permanent development is located outside of the Coastal Erosion Prone Area unless it is deemed coastal dependent development/community infrastructure.

    b) Coastal dependent development/community infrastructure is resilient to coastal hazards.

    c) Impacts on coastal values and processes from coastal dependent development/community infrastructure are avoided or minimised and mitigated.

    d) Coastal protection works are designed, managed and renewed to be fit-for-purpose and minimise risk for full asset life cycle.

    e) Planning and development in the Coastal Hazard Area provide for resilient communities and infrastructure

    f) Disaster management planning for emerging and existing communities incorporates coastal hazard considerations.

    g) Coastal hazards information is made available in a form that is easily understood.

    h) Protection or management of private coastal assets is not the responsibility of council.

For technical detail and planning directions for this theme, please read the Environment and Liveability Strategy Part C - Network Plan (PDF, 14916KB).