Sustainability rating for Venue 114

Venue 114

Sustainability rating for Venue 114

Sustainability Rating for Venue 114

Leading the way in sustainability.

There is a growing demand from music artists and performers requesting the sustainability credentials of the venues where they perform.

Venue 114, Sunshine Coast Council's owned and operated facility is proactively working on their sustainability practices.

Venue 114 is demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and leading the way by participating in the Earth Check Evaluate Plus program. The Program evaluates the venue's economic, social and environmental impact by reporting on water, waste and energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Some of the sustainability efficiencies implemented are phasing out single-use plastics, composting coffee grounds with the local community garden, upgrading to LED lighting and setting up monitoring controls on the lights and air-conditioners.

Venue 114 is the first Sunshine Coast Council facility to achieve EarthCheck Evaluate verification. This positions the facility as a venue of choice by artists and performers looking for these sustainability credentials.

This achievement is a positive example of how businesses and venues can incorporate sustainability practices into their operations to create a positive impact on the environment, improve market differentiation and support the bottom line.

Venue 114 continues to deliver on sustainability by achieving Earth Check status for a third year.

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