Bulcock Street, Caloundra

Bulcock Street, Caloundra

Bulcock Street, Caloundra

Sunshine Coast Design Book

A resource to help design Sunshine Coast homes, buildings, parks, public spaces, streets and neighbourhoods.

Buildings, streets, parks and spaces that complement and enhance the natural environment and celebrated Sunshine Coast lifestyle are among the designs captured in a new book produced to inspire and guide great design across the region.

The Sunshine Coast Design book was developed through a collaboration between residents, design professionals, planners, professional associations and community groups of the Sunshine Coast who shared what they loved and valued about the region.

The book is an invaluable resource for anyone designing or renovating, so that the end result is appropriate for the Sunshine Coast and our sub-tropical climate.

The book features over 150 photographs showcasing a selection of our special places and examples of well-designed buildings, streets and spaces on the Sunshine Coast.

View the book and find out more.

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