View of Glass House Mountains

Regional Inter-urban Break

View of Glass House Mountains

Protecting the Regional Inter-urban Break

We are committed to protecting the Regional Inter-urban Break in perpetuity.

The Regional Inter-urban Break is the 'green space' that separates us from the Greater Brisbane area.

It is a critical green space that plays an important role in preserving our region's distinctive character, identity and valued lifestyle.

The area includes:

  • the iconic Glass House Mountains, National Parks and other conservation areas
  • the Pumicestone Passage and parts of Bribie Island
  • State forests
  • productive farmlands
  • small rural townships like Beerburrum.

There is a vast array of outdoor recreation activities in the Regional Inter-urban Break. It's one of the best natural playgrounds of our region.

Council is committed to protecting and preserving the Regional Inter-urban Break in perpetuity to secure the environmental, production and recreation values. A Transformational Action of the strategy identifies a number of tasks council is delivering to continue to protect the area.

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