Kawana Aquatic Centre


Kawana Aquatic Centre renovations

World class pool provides more great places and spaces

Renovations to the Kawana Aquatic Centre mean the Sunshine Coast is one step closer to achieving the vision set out in council’s Environment and Liveability Strategy 2017.

Population growth and changing needs are increasing the pressure on existing facilities and creating a demand for new facilities in emerging communities. Careful planning is needed to balance investment between operational needs of the existing network and the needs of emerging communities.

The Kawana Aquatic Centre has benefited from $1.69m renovations including new tiles and lane markings for the 50-metre pool, and a replacement of the centre’s pool filtration system.

The renovations to the Kawana Aquatic Centre improve the current network of social infrastructure, encourage community participation and underpin liveability.

The upgrade is part of the social infrastructure network being planned through council's Environment and Liveability Strategy, which ensures equitable access to a range of experiences to encourage active and healthy lifestyles and supports community wellbeing. By strategically providing and upgrading facilities, guided by the Strategy, council is securing and activating space for future generations, and encouraging active recreation opportunities.

This regional level strategy sets a vision for where we would like to be in 2041 and provides guidance for council and the community to achieve this vision. The strategy focuses on the preservation and enhancement of the natural environment and the liveability of the region, enabling a good quality of life for all residents and supporting a strong economy in an accessible and well-connected built environment.

The renovations to the centre mark the next step in delivering the ELS Transformational Action of 'Great places and spaces' whereby in partnership with industry and community, council develops a network of contemporary places and spaces that provide and support opportunities for creative, community and active experiences, maintaining a healthy environment and liveable Sunshine Coast in 2041 for future generations.

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