Stormwater to water street trees

Innovation in watering street trees.

For these trees to grow they require a high level of maintenance with a regular watering regime. This involves a lot of time and effort and uses good quality reticulated water to ensure these plants survive and thrive.

Golden Beach is the first Sunshine Coast suburb to trial stormwater being redirected to water street trees. This site was selected as it has 102 recommended planting locations representing 10.4km of verge.

In this trial there are several methods being tested including various forms of garden beds and underground infrastructure.

This program, provides many benefits including:

  • removes pollution and litter from stormwater before it reaches Sunshine Coast waterways
  • allows better tree growth, which cools the region with shade and evapotranspiration
  • reduces the need for manual watering
  • improves amenity and liveability
  • reduces the amount of water needed to support a healthy urban forest.

The trial will be monitored and its success will be measured by the health and growth of the trees and the reduction of pollutants entering our waterways.

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