Sunshine Coast Open House celebrates the region's architecture

Sunshine Coast building design.

Each year Sunshine Coast Open House (SCOH) shines a spotlight on some of the most significant, interesting, historic and cutting-edge buildings and places on the Sunshine Coast.

In 2017 Sunshine Coast Council, Noosa Shire Council and the Australian Institute of Architects (Sunshine Coast Committee) founded the Sunshine Coast Open House as part of the Sunshine Coast 50 years celebrations.

The Sunshine Coast Open House is an annual free community event offering a behind the scenes access to some of Sunshine Coast’s best buildings ranging from private homes, corporate buildings, heritage treasures and sustainable spaces.

The fifth annual Sunshine Coast Open House weekend was held on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 October 2022.

As part of the Sunshine Coast Open house event, a number of associated events including walking tours, feature talks, ask an architect, a photography competition and an annual design forum that focusses on topical and thought-provoking issues take place.

For more information and bookings head to the SCOH website.

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