Protecting the native wildlife of our coast

Local organisations working together to control foxes in coastal bushland areas from Bli Bli to Peregian Springs.

Since 2015 Sunshine Coast Council, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, Coolum and North Shore Coast Care and Noosa Council have been working together in delivering the Coastal Fox Control Program.

The European red fox, an invasive animal in Queensland identified under the Biosecurity Act 2014, pose a serious threat to native wildlife. In our coastal areas this includes the vulnerable water mouse, and Eastern ground parrot and the endangered green and loggerhead turtle eggs and hatchlings.

The program is designed to control fox breeding activity and to reduce fox predation on these vulnerable species. Council uses best practice control methods that have proven successful and are used by other conservation programs across Australia.

Since 2015 more than 250 foxes have been removed from coastal bushland areas from Bli Bli to Peregian Springs and more than 460 fox dens inspected for activity.

Learn more about the program including control methods, schedule, location and how to get involved.


Turtle hatchling

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