Russell Family Park

Russell Family Park, Montville

Russell Family Park

Play time in Montville

Fun, bright and lively new playground for Russell Family Park in Montville.

Sunshine Coast Council has delivered a fun, bright and lively look for Russell Family Park in Montville.

In line with council's Environment and Liveability Strategy, council is continuously focused on the growth management, liveability and the sustainable design of our neighbourhoods, dwellings and open spaces. Our open space network is highly valued by the community  In Montville, this means ensuring that the popular parks continue to meet the needs of the community - both locals and visitors.

New playground equipment installed in Russell Family Park includes a 10m high cone-structure (with butterflies eclipsing the tip of the equipment), a spinner bowl, waterlily spring toy and a slippery slide twisting to the ground. The play equipment has a strong emphasis on nature-based play, making both parents and children smile as they enjoy the new rock seating walls, colourful artwork and interweaving pathways for children to ride and play. Some of the original play equipment has been reused to improve other play areas in the region.

The latest phase has also delivered a significant terraced car parking facility, improvements to the amenities block, stormwater management infrastructure, wayfinding signage and extensive landscaping. All works have been carefully planned to complement the existing character of Russell Family Park and create a place which actively connects families to the environment. The park offers nature and landscape play activities, with large grassy hills, mature trees, an environmental walk, and a range of wildlife for children to experience.

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