Rec Park plan

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Rec Park plan

Council endorses recreation parks plan

Green step forward for Sunshine Coast parks.

Our Sunshine Coast recreation parks offer a great range of opportunities for everyone, providing the region with space for social, recreational and cultural activities, connecting people with nature and providing a huge variety of opportunities to enjoy.

As yet another outcome from the Environment and Liveability Strategy (ELS), in December 2021 council endorsed the recreation parks plan which outlines the strategic direction for parks across the region until 2031. The vision and principles will guide the future planning, management and use of our open space network.

The ELS, which has helped guide the recreation parks plan, provides long-term direction to guide growth and shape the future of our region.

Council’s ELS includes a network plan which provides planning direction and technical details to help deliver the proposed park outcomes. It ensures investments are undertaken in an effective and sustainable manner. The ELS also includes desired standards of service (DSS) which ‘set the bar’ in regard to the standard of recreation park land and improvements being purchased, contributed, developed or managed. By articulating such standards, council is able to ensure the growing Sunshine Coast community has continued and improved access to quality recreation parks.

This recreation parks plan remains true to this network plan and the DSS, taking the higher level vision and aims of the ELS and defining a long term plan of works that will ensure suitable quality parks will be provided in the right locations at the right time to meet the needs of the growing and changing community.

The preparation of the recreation parks plan responds to the ELS transformational action ‘greening our neighbourhoods’. Delivering cool and shady streets and places to connect and enhance our neighbourhoods and promote biodiversity, resilience and community wellbeing.

The recreation parks plan was developed to provide even better experiences for users of our park community assets. The plan also provides guidance on the appropriate functions, activities and infrastructure to be delivered in recreation parks, and delivers spaces for our community to enjoy.

Protecting our natural assets was a key value identified by our community, as was providing more shade and associated infrastructure to make our parks a more engaging experience.

The ELS, which has helped guide the recreation parks plan, provides long-term direction to guide growth and shape the future of our region.

To access the Sunshine Coast recreation parks plan, download your own copy, or find more information, please visit council’s website.

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