Coastal Discovery Van

A mobile education tool that celebrates the uniqueness of the Sunshine Coast as it moves between coastal locations and schools.

The Coastal Discovery Van is a mobile education centre for the community and schools.  Interpretative and interactive displays allow visitors to learn about the coastal processes that influence Sunshine Coast beaches and waterways.

The Coastal Discovery Van is a versatile engagement tool that moves around the Sunshine Coast, where council manages around 60 kilometers of shoreline. Engaging the community with our coastal projects is essential for successful and effective coastal management to protect our coastal assets.

The van has one external and five internal displays unique to the Sunshine Coast, making information about coastal processes easily accessible to the community. It provides an open space for meaningful discussion between residents and council.

The Coastal Discovery Van also provides an interactive and fun learning activity for students, either at their local school or coastal location within the Sunshine Coast LGA. Tailored lesson plans allow students of all ages to explore coastal processes and key natural coastal values of our region.

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