Free online tool building a circular economy

Connecting businesses to exchange waste as a resource.

Sunshine Coast Council has launched a free online tool to divert waste from landfill and connect local businesses.

ASPIRE is an online matchmaking tool allowing businesses to list items they no longer want or to register to receive notifications when waste they need is listed. As a business you can now trade, exchange or sell your unwanted waste with the ASPIRE program, reducing waste disposal costs and the amount of waste sent to landfill.

This circular economy approach is aimed at eliminating waste and encouraging the continual use of resources.

This new green solution is aimed at reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and it's a great opportunity for our local businesses to save money and improve their environmental credentials.

Sunshine Coast Council is proud to be one of the first councils in Queensland to invest in the ASPIRE platform to promote business sustainability and new collaborations while supporting our journey to become Australia's most sustainable region - healthy, smart, creative.

The platform is FREE to Sunshine Coast businesses with an ABN and up to 100 full-time staff, and is also available to schools and community groups.

Council officially launched ASPIRE on the Sunshine Coast on October 28 2020 at ROCKCOTE headquarters in Yandina - a local business which prides itself on sustainable practices and has already begun contributing to a circular economy by sourcing polystyrene waste from other businesses to use in their render products.

Larger businesses are encouraged to contact ASPIRE directly for tailored advice.

Sign up to ASPIRE by visiting council's website to start connecting with other businesses, manufacturers, re-manufacturers and recyclers today.

To find out more and sign up, visit the ASPIRE - circular economy marketplace.

If you are interested in other conversations and information about the circular economy, visit Living Smart - crafting a circular economy.

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