Economic change

By 2033, our economy is forecast to double and by 2041, we expect the creation of 100,000 new jobs.

The regional economy was valued at approximately $21 billion in 2023 – the fastest growing economy in Queensland over the last five years.

While population growth has provided a significant stimulus for many sectors (such as construction and retail trade), our economy is also evolving and becoming more sophisticated and less reliant upon population growth and tourism, the traditional drivers of the economy. Professional services, finance and insurance, food and agribusiness, advanced manufacturing and numerous niche sectors are all contributing to this evolution towards a more knowledge and value driven economy that is supported by technology and innovation.

Today, with a more diversified and sophisticated economy, a more holistic approach to economic development is required that expands upon the previously identified seven high-valued industries to include six broad economies within the larger regional economy:

  • Knowledge
  • Visitor
  • Green
  • Production
  • Digital
  • Place based.

The Sunshine Coast is building a high-value economy.

By 2033, our economy is forecast to double and by 2041, we expect the creation of 100,000 new jobs. 

Our region is changing, and it will continue to change into the future. This presents a range of impacts and opportunities.

Our Enterprise Corridor is the most popular area on our coastal strip. It stretches from the Sunshine Coast Airport to Caloundra South. The developing Enterprise Corridor brings specific challenges as we balance competing land uses. We need to consider the location of:

  • New buildings
  • Open space networks, such as parks and sporting grounds
  • Services and facilities.

The competitive advantage of the Sunshine Coast as a desirable place to live, with access to our natural  environment, affordable living options, high quality health, education, sport, recreation and opportunities for community participation is critical for the attraction of economic investment and the required workforce.

Through the Environment and Liveability Strategy, we aim to protect and enhance our natural environment, and the liveability of our region. This will enable the Sunshine Coast to remain a prosperous region, built on a diverse economy and our natural advantage.

Read more about the business benefits of the Sunshine Coast on the Invest Sunshine Coast.

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