Stormwater management

Adoption of council’s first Stormwater Management Strategy.

Following community consultation, where healthy waterways was identified as being the top priority for stormwater management, council’s first Stormwater Management Strategy was formally adopted in August 2021.

The strategy builds upon the work done in the Environment and Liveability Strategy (ELS) and other council documents to provide a consistent, strategic direction for stormwater management on the Sunshine Coast.

Stormwater management is about protecting our waterways from pollutants and increased or concentrated water flow, utilising stormwater and rainwater and stormwater as a resource, and managing stormwater flood risk for the wellbeing and resilience of our communities.

Council owns and manages more than $1.7 billion worth of stormwater assets. These assets range from traditional stormwater pipes to vegetated bio-retention gardens. Managing these assets and meeting the stormwater management needs of our growing community in a changing climate is critical to delivering a healthy environment and liveable Sunshine Coast.

The ELS policy positions informed the key objectives of the strategy, which are shown below. The strategy identifies the key issues for council relating to stormwater management and establishes strategic directions, policy positions and actions to achieve the key objectives.


With the support of the community, the development industry and other levels of government, the strategy seeks to provide the Sunshine Coast community:

  • healthy waterways and beaches
  • a more liveable, safe and green urban environment
  • an increased understanding of stormwater flood risk
  • prioritised, strategic and targeted investment that will maximise community benefit
  • optimised and coordinated infrastructure and service delivery
  • reduced reliance on potable waterincreased resilience to the effects of climate change

The strategy can be viewed on council’s website.

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