Reinstating vegetation and habitats

Expanded landfill delivers almost 40 hectares of new habitat.

Council has proactively purchased more than 200 hectares of strategically located lands to create and protect new habitat areas through rehabilitation and natural regeneration activities.

The strategy recognises there will be a loss of native vegetation to support the infrastructure and services required for a growing Sunshine Coast population.

Council has acquired a property through the Environment Levy that is adjacent to the Eumundi Conservation Park in Yandina Creek and has committed to rehabilitating almost 40 hectares of habitat.

This compensates for the approximate 4.8 hectares of native vegetation and habitat that will be removed for the expansion of the existing Nambour Landfill to ensure our future communities are provided with the long-term provision of resource recovery and waste disposal facilities.

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Biodiversity is the variety of all life plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms.

Adaptation and resilience

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Population change

The Sunshine Coast is one of the fastest growing areas in Australia.