Hermione the Koala, Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

Hermione the koala in care Photo credit: Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

Hermione the Koala, Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

Koala conservation

Implementing the Sunshine Coast koala conservation plan.

The Sunshine Coast Koala Conservation Plan 2022 aims to protect our region's koala populations.

The plan covers a range of actions to restore and conserve koala habitat as well as mitigate many threats faced by the species.

Since the plan's commencement, Environment Levy funds have:

  • supported research partnerships to better understand our region's koala populations
  • monitored and tracked koalas in Tanawha and Reesville areas. This led to the identification of a koala 'hotspot' in the Reesville/Howells Knob area - where a healthy population was discovered
  • restored public land in the Howells Knob area to support the area’s population including food tree plantings, weed control and removing barriers to koala movement
  • continued to grow programs such a Land for Wildlife to increase and enhance koala habitat on private land
  • supported Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital and other wildlife rescue/carer organisations thorough our Partnerships Program
  • Established a koala fodder Pinelands Park in Beerwah in partnership with Glass House Mountains Advancement Network group.

Find out more in our Environment Levy annual reports.

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