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How ‘liveable’ is your neighbourhood?

Council’s ‘Living on the Sunshine Coast’ survey investigates.

What factors do you see as the most important in making where you live ‘liveable’? Council undertook a survey to determine the community’s perceptions of liveability.

Council is seeking ways to maintain and improve the liveability of its residents - how we live, work, and play. Feedback from the community helps council track the impacts of planning and advocacy.

Over 1700 residents completed the 2023 Living on the Sunshine Coast community survey in April 2023. They told council what things matter the most, what is working well, and what could improve. They also told council how they feel their local area is currently delivering.

The survey results provide a valuable insight into the needs of the community - both now and into the future. In 2023, the community told council the attribute they value most for liveability was access to the environment. The Sunshine Coast score (68%) was higher than the national benchmark (52%). The community also named community safety and high quality health services in their top five. To improve liveability, more affordable housing and less road congestion scored the highest.

These findings align with the vision of our Environment and Liveability Strategy. The Sunshine Coast needs a sustainable community, environment, and economy. The results of this five-year survey will guide planning for a more liveable future.

A summary of the survey is available here.

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