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Climate Action Roadmap

Creating our climate ready future.

Sunshine Coast Council and Noosa Shire Council joined forces to proactively plan for the future needs of our organisations and communities.

Together, we created a Regional Climate Action Roadmap to guide, inform and build regional capacity to develop and prioritise local responses to climate-related risks such as sea level rise, higher temperatures, bushfires, floods, and droughts.

To help build the Roadmap, community input was sought through the Climate Action Community Survey in October 2021.

This will continue existing efforts to ensure council, local business and community are climate ready.

The council's work closely with organisations and community representatives across the Noosa and Sunshine Coast region, and identified the important issues, opportunities and roles that we can all play in creating a resilient future.

The Roadmap was developed thanks to grant funding from the Local Government Association of Queensland and the Queensland Climate Resilient Councils initiative.

Further information on the development of the Roadmap can be found on the project website.

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