Birds eye view

Birds eye view

Blue Heart Sunshine Coast

Protecting and managing the most critical areas of the floodplain.

The Blue Heart is an area of more than 5,000 hectares on a natural floodplain in the Maroochy River catchment. At its core is about 1,400 hectares of public land.

The Blue Heart provides flood storage for the Maroochy River catchment. Preserving flood storage within the Blue Heart is critical to the ongoing flood management of the catchment and in particular the built environment.

This floodplain area is already impacted by tidal inundation. Over time the area is expected to continue transitioning due to climate change and projected sea level rise.

Blue Heart Sunshine Coast is an innovative partnership between Sunshine Coast Council, the Queensland Government's Department of Environment and Science and Unitywater. The partners will proactively work together to achieve the Blue Heart project objectives.

The Environment Levy is contributing to this project through:

  • buying land to protect existing habitat and restore degraded areas
  • undertaking research projects
  • engaging and educating the community.

Learn more about the Blue Heart Sunshine Coast. Learn, share and connect with the Blue Heart Neighbourhood.

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