Updated flood mapping

New online mapping - building our region's resilience.

The Sunshine Coast community now has access to the region’s updated flood mapping and information thanks to new online mapping.

Living with flooding is a natural part of life on the Sunshine Coast and across much of Queensland.

We can't prevent floods from happening however taking steps to reduce the impact of floods by understanding our flood risk is important.

The latest information enables the community, and industry professionals, to make informed decisions to manage potential risks and build our region’s resilience.

Through council's Environment and Liveability Strategy we are focused on how our natural and built environment work together to provide a good lifestyle for our residents and a sustainable resilient future for our region.

We’ve completed overland flow mapping to understand how these flow paths influence the built environment, so that they can be accommodated as part of good Sunshine Coast design.

We’re planning for the future by taking action now, to manage the potential impacts of climate change and severe weather events such as increased rainfall intensity and permanent sea level rises.

Council is continuing to work on other major projects that proactively address flooding and stormwater risks, such as Blue Heart Sunshine Coast, our Climate Hazard Adaptation Strategy and the recently adopted Stormwater Management Strategy.

Access the flood mapping and more information here.

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