Technology and innovation is a dynamic driver of change. It happens at a rapid pace, and can lead to positive change for our region.

Creative thinkers with innovative solutions are central to our future.

Through the combined efforts of the community, academia, industry and council, we'll:

  • discover new ways of managing growth, while retaining our Sunshine Coast way of life
  • adopt sustainable building practices
  • find new solutions to help our region adjust to a changing climate
  • continue to protect and enhance our natural environment.

The use of technology and innovative solutions, generally means we can do more with less.

The benefits of technology are endless, and together we’ll make improvements to the way we:

  • consume energy
  • create goods
  • create connected communities
  • deliver services. 

Council has already made significant change. We’re using technology to:

Through the Environment and Liveability Strategy, we're embracing technology and innovation. We're looking for better ways of doing things. Ways that protect the environment, use less energy, and make our region even better.