The Sunshine Coast has something for everyone. Our competitive business environment and idyllic natural environment underpin our unique lifestyle. Our region is a popular place to visit, and to live. Indeed, 94% of new residents move here from other parts of Australia.

Over the past 10 years, around 69,000 people moved to our region. This is a trend predicted to continue. In fact, our rate of growth is set to increase, with over 8,000 people each year calling the Sunshine Coast home.

In 2018, our region had a population of 320,000 residents with 138,600 dwellings. We expect our population to grow to over 500,000 people by 2041. It’s likely that many of our new residents will be:

  • 35-49 years of age, with children under 15
  • 65 years of age and older.

We need careful planning and delivery around population growth. This is so we retain the liveability of our region, and preserve and enhance our natural environment.

To house our new residents, we need 90,000 new dwellings. We also need further urban development and supporting infrastructure. Our new and improved infrastructure, facilities and services also benefits our tourism industry. 

Our new residents will have housing choice. Around 55% of new residents will choose to live in our emerging communities (Kawana, Caloundra South, Sippy Downs, Palmview and Beerwah East) with others preferring established areas. Low-rise buildings in town centres and public transit corridors provide modern lifestyle options.  

Through the Environment and Liveability Strategy, we'll aim to create more vibrant and diverse communities. We'll also work towards improve access to services and facilities, and the shape of our urban form.