Social infrastructure

Facilities that support the community are our social infrastructure.

It's our social infrastructure that brings people together. It creates a sense of place and supports us to grow and thrive.

Social infrastructure includes:

  • community facilities – hall, libraries and cultural spaces
  • sport and recreation facilities – pools and indoor sports centres
  • facilities to support health and safety – lifeguards, cemeteries and public amenities.

These places enable us to:

  • meet friends and family
  • attend an event or function
  • take part in recreation activities
  • engage in creativity and the arts
  • access information, services and programs.

Our growing region calls for new facilities. To meet this demand, we must look to smart technologies and partnerships to deliver a high-performance social infrastructure network.


A network of social infrastructure encourages community participation and underpins liveability.

Policy Positions

Read our social infrastructure policy positions.

We set the strategic direction for social infrastructure. We provide facilities for community use and sport and recreation. We also work with the Queensland Government to ensure state emergency services.