Neighbourhoods and housing

The settlement pattern of the Sunshine Coast is a mix of vibrant coastal living and a relaxed, productive and rural lifestyle.

Where we live, what facilities and services are in our neighbourhood and the lifestyle we lead are important to both community and personal wellbeing.

The majority of us reside in low density houses located along the coastal strip with access to employment, activity centres, shops, schools and sport and recreation facilities.

New communities are also emerging in the coastal strip, generally these houses are being built on smaller lots and have a strong focus on walkability.

The hinterland and rural towns provide a rural lifestyle serviced by central activity hubs and villages.

There is a strong sense of community across this diverse mix of neighbourhoods and towns that gives the Sunshine Coast its identity.

Developing houses and neighbourhoods that promote and provide a diversity of affordable and sustainable living options for all members of our community is our goal.



A diversity of neighbourhoods and housing provides sustainable and affordable living options for everyone.

Policy Positions

Read our neighbourhoods and housing policy positions.

We set the policy direction for our neighbourhoods. This includes the layout, housing form, infrastructure and transport networks. We do this through the planning scheme.