Landscape and character

We use the natural and built environments, and their associated geological, ecological and cultural histories, to describe the landscape and character of our region.

The natural environment is our living network. It's the relationship between the land, waterways, wetlands and coastal areas and the plants and animals they support. waterways. While our built environment includes the structures and places we create in rural and urban settings. Both of these elements provide a sense of place and local identity.

Our region is a 'community of communities', each with its own distinct identity. Separated by the green frame of our conservation and recreation spaces, our towns and neighbourhoods provide a diversity of places for people to enjoy.

We're also lucky to have magnificent landscapes, such as the Regional Inter-urban Break. These create the character of our region through iconic views, scenic corridors, and open spaces. We group our landscapes into 4 zones:

  1. Coast
  2. Coastal Plain
  3. Foothills, and
  4. Hinterland.

The landscape, character and unique identity is preserved and enhanced.

Policy Positions

Read our landscape and character policy positions.

Council plays a key role in deciding what shapes and protects our region. We plan regulations, deliver responsible infrastructure and advocate to other levels of government. We also work with local industries and the community.