Ever wondered what happens to the rainwater that drains from your roof, driveway and yard once it leaves your property?

It’s likely that it enters Sunshine Coast Council’s extensive stormwater network, captured by a series of drains and is carried through underground pipes, before being discharged into local waterways draining to the ocean.

Stormwater management protects our waterways from pollutants and manages increased or concentrated water flow, uses rainwater and stormwater as a resource and manages stormwater flood risk for the wellbeing and resilience of our communities. 

Meeting the stormwater management needs of our growing community in a changing climate is critical to delivering a healthy environment and liveable Sunshine Coast.

Council owns and manages more than $1.5 billion worth of stormwater assets. This includes more than 1500 kilometres of pipes and culverts – that’s almost the equivalent of travelling from the Sunshine Coast to Cairns.

Our Environment and Liveability Strategy outlined a target to deliver stormwater assets that were effective and responsive to our changing environment, together with stormwater management processes that protected the natural and built environment.


The Stormwater Management Strategy has been developed and aims to identify existing and future issues relating to stormwater management and outlines how they will be addressed.

Community feedback will help to inform the final strategy and ensure council is addressing concerns. Our residents are our eyes and ears on the ground and we value the local knowledge as it helps deliver effective stormwater assets, now and into the future.

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