Council is Australia’s first local government to offset its entire electricity consumption across all its facilities and operations from renewable energy generated at the 15MW Sunshine Coast Solar Farm.

The Sunshine Coast Solar Farm is located at 909 Yandina-Coolum Road, Valdora. It sits on 24 hectares of a 49 hectare site.

The Sunshine Coast Solar Farm:

  • sees council proactively take control of its electricity supply to combat rising electricity costs, which were on average 14% higher in Queensland last financial year
  • provides council facilities and operations with renewable electricity and help the Sunshine Coast region transition to a clean energy economy
  • complements the Sunshine Coast’s 40,000 solar PV rooftops and contribute to the reduction of Australia’s carbon emissions
  • delivers $22 million in savings (after costs) for ratepayers from council’s lower electricity costs over the next 30 years.

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