In June 2020, council unveiled a new boardwalk and pathway for the area bordering Ferntree Creek National Park in Nambour.

This provides improvements in regards to accessibility and safety and will help preserve one of the many natural areas fundamental to the attractiveness of the region.

The new boardwalk alongside Zealey Road, along with a 1.8 metre-wide concrete pathway through to National Park Road, is the final stage of a more than $300,000 project. It provides a safe off-road pathway for both pedestrians and cyclists that is well-designed and further contributes to our liveability, ensuring that everyone in the area, both young and old, is able to improve their daily exercise. 

Providing dedicated infrastructure separated from cars encourages residents to get out and use active transport options for their daily commute and contributes to council's vision of being Australia's most sustainable region - healthy, smart, creative. 

This project was funded through council's 2019/2020 Capital Works Program.