Our coastal areas form an integral part of our Sunshine Coast identity and lifestyle, and are fundamental to the future of our economy.

That’s why council has been proactively working with our community to develop ‘Our Resilient Coast. Our Future’, a long-term Coastal Hazard Adaptation Strategy that will help manage the impacts of coastal hazards, like erosion and inundation, and increase the resilience of our region.

Coastal hazards include erosion of our beaches, and short or long-term seawater inundation of land along the coastline.

The draft strategy is now available and has been informed by the best available science and provides a pathway for future coastal hazard management and insight into how they are likely to change over the new 80 years until 2100.

Council is receiving funding support to develop the strategy from the QCoast2100 Coastal Hazard Adaptation Program. The QCoast2100 Program is an initiative of the Queensland Government and the Local Government Association of Queensland which is intended to facilitate the development of a coastal hazard adaptation strategy by each coastal council in Queensland.

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 Our Resilient Coast. Our Future.