Invasive plants and animals have the potential to cause significant impacts on the Sunshine Coast’s natural assets – our bushland and aquatic environments, fertile and productive agriculture areas and growing community and residential areas.

 In December 2017, council adopted the Sunshine Coast Council Local Government Area Biosecurity Plan (the Biosecurity Plan) in accordance with the requirements of the Queensland Government Biosecurity Act 2014.

The Biosecurity Plan provides a strategic approach to manage invasive plants and animals. It was developed in partnership with community representatives and establishes a framework for the co-operative and co-ordinated management of priority invasive plants and animals.

The Biosecurity Plan also defines management responses most likely to succeed, with available resources, through a catchment-scale management approach which:

•  recognises the different communities, land uses and pressures in each catchment
•  allows management responses to be more relevant and targeted
•  integrates and complements other catchment management and planning activities
•  fosters community ownership and implementation of the plan.