Council’s Environment and Liveability Strategy sets the strategic direction to guide the actions of council and its partners to ensure a healthy environment and liveable Sunshine Coast to 2041.

This vision of liveability includes putting in place plans and strategies to create liveable spaces and places to live, work and play, and opportunities to connect with nature.

Recreation parks are an integral part of this. They connect us to nature and provide opportunities to connect our communities with the outdoors and to enjoy spaces that encourage a more active, healthy lifestyle. In support of this, council has recently delivered Stage One of the Albany Lakes Park Landscape Concept Plan, in partnership with the Queensland Government. This park includes active spaces, opportunities for nature-based play and quiet green nooks, and adds to our green spaces across the region.

Planned Stage 2 upgrades to be delivered later in the 2021/22 financial year will continue to advance the desired outcomes of the Environment and Liveability Strategy, with the construction of large shade sails, fencing, additional picnic settings, barbecue, shade trees and drinking fountain.

The design and construction of the new park is just another way in which council is working to achieve our vision for the Sunshine Coast to be Australia’s most sustainable region: Healthy. Smart. Creative.