Environment Levy land acquisitions allow council to engage with the community through a number of different events hosted on these lands.

These events add value to Environment Levy acquired lands through habitat restoration or replanting, and assist to connect people with nature in new and exciting ways. The activities create a sense of local pride and ownership in the surrounding community and school groups who are invited to be involved.

In 2018-2019 seven events were held on Environment Levy acquired properties engaging with more than 800 community members and planting 3,240 native trees.

One of the events was the Doonan Open Data Expo on Doonan Creek Environment Reserve. This innovative event focused on connecting nature and people through technology. Using the reserve as a microcosm for the greater Sunshine Coast, the event aimed to inspire thought and interest into how technology can assist when caring for and restoring the environment, and how it may be used to predict and prepare for the future.

 View the Environment Levy Annual Report [7857KB] for more information.