Delivering a zero-net emissions organisation by 2041 and continuing the transition to a renewable energy future is key to achieving a liveable, prosperous and sustainable region.

Like households and businesses, council consumes natural resources and produces waste. Energy is used for lighting, heating, cooling and to power its fleet vehicles. Council also uses large volumes of water in its buildings, public and community facilities, and when watering parks and sporting grounds.

By delivering greater energy and resource efficiency, and reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions, council aims to demonstrate its leadership and commitment to taking action on climate change and delivering on our vision to be Australia’s most sustainable region.

To do this, we plan to:

  • transparently report on our organisational greenhouse gas emissions and environmental sustainability performance
  • develop an integrated organisational wide zero-net emissions and clean energy plan
  • seek out and pilot innovative greenhouse gas reduction technologies, sharing what we learn with others
  • grow organisational sustainability capacity, understanding and partnerships
  • identify carbon offsetting opportunities.