The Regional Inter-urban Break is often referred to as the gateway to the Sunshine Coast. The 'green space' that separates us from Moreton Bay and Greater Brisbane.

We're committed to securing this green space for future generations. 

To do this, we are:

  • learning more about the values and activities in the inter-urban break
  • promoting the ongoing protection of the area as it exists today
  • investigating potential legislation to protect the area
  • partnering to prepare a plan to enable appropriate outdoor recreation activities to continue
  • securing and protecting land for conservation and recreation purposes
  • planning for its future as a productive and highly valued space.

We're committed to protecting and preserving the Regional Inter-urban Break. As such, we’re advocating for residential development to occur outside the Inter-urban Break. Any loss to the Regional Inter-urban Break will impact on our distinctive separation from the greater Brisbane area.