Policy positions support our delivery and provide a point of reference. They say what council's view is on specific issues and help our council and staff give advice, manage issues and make decisions for the future. 

Our policy positions inform the information we give to the community and to business.

We use them to:

  • guide decision-making
  • inform planning
  • drive implementation
  • engage stakeholders.

We also use policy positions help us to advocate to government departments.  

Policy positions underpin our themes 

Each of the themes in the Environment and Liveability Strategy has its own set of policy positions.

  1. Landscape and character
  2. Biodiversity
  3. Waterways and wetlands
  4. Coastal
  5. Open space
  6. Flooding and stormwater
  7. Neighbourhoods and housing
  8. Social infrastructure
  9. Sustainable design
  10. Energy and resources
  11. Sustainable living
  12. Adaptation and resilience